Member Spotlight: Molly Klimas – Owner, Intent Public Relations

Molly Klimas - Owner, Intent Public Relations

Molly Klimas - Owner, Intent Public Relations

1. Where do you work and what is your title?

I’m owner of Intent Public Relations in Grand Rapids.

2. What is your main objective in that role?

To help my clients with their public relations needs; to provide strategic
counsel and hands-on implementation; to be an extension of my clients’ team.
And hopefully to be both a voice of enthusiasm and reason.

3. How long have you been a member of WMPRSA?

Since 2002.

4. Why did you join WMPRSA?

I joined in part because I was pursuing Accreditation at the time but also
because it was (is!) the best professional association for communicators in
West Michigan. I’ve gotten to know so many great people through the years –
mentors, colleagues, friends.

5. If you could have a job anywhere in the world, where and what would it

Writer, playwright, actor right here in West Michigan. OK, OK, the
occasional stint on Broadway would be fine too. 🙂

6. Name a favorite website and explain why you like it?

I love because it shares real people’s stories and celebrates
the art of listening. Also: (for cooking), (for
seeking) and (for lurking – ha ha). The truth is, I have a
love-hate with Facebook, Twitter, etc. As a PR person, I get the value, I
love the sharing, I’ll always be a sucker for new-baby and new-puppy photos
– but the “social media news cycle” feeds the myth that mortals can manage
mountains of information and maintain hundreds (thousands!) of Friendships.
Can’t we go back to simpler times, like 1984? I’m being silly-sophomoric on
this soapbox – but it feels refreshing! Thanks for the listen. In the end,
whether communicating via Facebook or face-to-face or in a profile like
this, I think all of us just want to be heard – and understood.


About Derek DeVries

A communications / public relations / social media pro in West Michigan trying to get past the beta version of his life cycle.
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2 Responses to Member Spotlight: Molly Klimas – Owner, Intent Public Relations

  1. Katie Woodruff says:

    Beautiful pic, Molly!

  2. Craig says:

    Great Q&A. Great photo. Great person.

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