New Member Promotions Continue

Did you know that PRSA welcomed 531 new members during the month of
February? To put things in perspective, this is the first time we
exceeded 500 new members in a given month. PRSA ended the month up
2 percent over the previous year and currently has 21,429 members (not bad for a down economy, eh?)

The February boom was no doubt due in part to a national promotion
offering a free local chapter membership with the purchase of a
national membership. To keep that momentum going for April, when a
new member joins PRSA (all members types – including associates) they
will receive a coupon for a free premium webinar of a $150.00 value.
The chapter that sees the most growth will receive a free PRSA
webinar so spread the word to your family and friends!

Membership Does Have Its Privileges

New members aren’t the only ones being rewarded … existing PRSA
members will enjoy a 50 percent discount on any one or more of the
four webinars occurring throughout the month:

  • Mobile Marketing: A Primer for PR Professionals
  • Master the Art of the Storyteller: Move People to Act With “the
  • Most Powerful Form of Human Communication”
  • Creating Your Own Measurement Dashboard: Identifying the Right
  • Metrics and How to Display Them
  • How to Grow Word-of-Mouth Movements: People Are the Killer App

About Derek DeVries

A communications / public relations / social media pro in West Michigan trying to get past the beta version of his life cycle.
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