Member Spotlight: Anna Bryce, PR Lead – Amway

Anna Bryce, Amway North American Public Relations -- PR Lead

Anna Bryce, Amway North American Public Relations -- PR Lead

1. Where do you work and what is your title?

Amway North American Public Relations — PR Lead

2. What is your main objective in that role?

To tell Amway’s stories — about the company, Independent Business Owners, products, corporate citizenship, etc. — and create understanding of who we are today and what we offer. And that involves a little bit of everything within the PR discipline, from media relations, social media and brand campaigns to sponsorships, employee communications and issues management.

3. How long have you been a member of WMPRSA?

Since 1998.

4. Why did you join WMPRSA?

My boss made me. No, seriously, for the professional development programs and networking opportunities. Involvement in PRSA is just an excellent way to stay current with what’s happening in PR, locally and industry-wide.

5. If you could have a job anywhere in the world, where and what would it be?

I truly love my current job and believe that Amway is one of the best places in the world to work. But … I think PR for Royal Caribbean would be fun and challenging. Cruising is enormously popular and the fastest growing travel sector in the world but still faces reputation issues. It’s very interesting how negative incidents on ships seem to face so much more scrutiny than if they occurred at resorts. Plus, RC is headquartered in sunny Miami and I’m sure I’d get a discount, wouldn’t I?

6. Name a favorite Web site and explain why you like it?

I would really love to rattle off something quirky and obscure here that could be a revelation for others … but I have to admit that I’m most fascinated right now by a little social network you may have heard of, known as “Facebook.” Which is probably a surprise to my FB friends because I seldom post, but I’m an avid spectator (which sounds better than stalker). It’s just endlessly interesting to me, all the different ways that individuals, brands and companies are using Facebook to share information and promote themselves.

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A communications / public relations / social media pro in West Michigan trying to get past the beta version of his life cycle.
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