Program Recap: From Bland to Buzzworthy

WMPRSA welcomed Internet marketer Pete Brand to be a part of their luncheon series for the month of January. Brand presented “Bland to Buzzworthy: A Social Media Strategy” to a packed house at the University Club. Brand co-founded Mindscape, a web marketing and development firm that was established in 2001. Mindscape has grown to become a fully integrated, multi-platform branding and marketing agency where Pete serves as the leader of Internet marketing research and strategy.

Pete Brand Presenting "From Bland to Buzzworthy"

Brand shared insight based on his experience and successes with various campaigns such as the Grand Rapids LipDub and Google Fiber for Grand Rapids (while Kansas City won the contest, word on the street is that Google came to check GR out because of the community support). He focused on the topic of creating a “winning” social media strategy through reaching influencers.

Pete Brand Presenting "From Bland to Buzzworthy"

“The key to effective social media strategy is to leverage awareness and create lasting emotional connections,” said Brand.

He went on to outline the six aspects of creating a successful social media campaign. These aspects included: Identifying Objectives, Understanding Your Audience, Selecting a Social Media Platform, Community and Influencer Identification and Outreach, Creating a Conversation and Engagement Plan, and lastly, Monitoring and Measuring the ongoing plan. Brand concluded, “It can’t just be a campaign. It has to be a commitment. People count on it.”

View the slides that accompanied the presentation here.

Recap Provided by students from Ferris State University’s PRSSA Chapter:

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