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You’ve worked hard and put in long hours to become a reputable PR professional. Why not take the next step and add the credibility that comes with national Accreditation through PRSA? The benefits are clear: increased credibility, greater earning potential, increased job opportunities, enhancing the profession, lifelong learning, and greater respect from the executive suite.

The Accreditation process consists of two phases, the Readiness Review (RR) and a computer-based exam. The total cost is approximately $400 and generally takes about 3-6 months (although you have a year to complete it after your application has been approved). There are no official prerequisites, however it’s recommended to have a minimum of 5-years experience.

To help you through the process, there are a variety of online tools combined with personal help from WMPRSA chapter representatives. Here’s a link to a comprehensive PDF study guide that will provide everything you need to know for Accreditation. If you want further help, you can find online courses that will prepare you for the Readiness Review. There’s online training to get ready for the online exam. There’s even an online sample exam to practice on. Combine this online support with help from friendly WMPRSA professionals who have been through the process and, guess what? No more excuses. Don’t let another year go by without gaining the Accreditation and credibility you want.

For more information, please email Dr. Patrick Bishop, WMPRSA APR Chair at

About fsuprdog

Patrick Bishop is PRdog, an accredited professor of public relations and marketing at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. Bishop is a former executive in both non-profit communication and manufacturing sales and marketing. He holds an MS in Communication and PhD in higher education leadership.
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