Nominate an Outstanding Professional

Each year at the PRoof Awards, the organization honors several outstanding individuals: a seasoned PR professional, a great communicator (but non-PR professional), a media personality, a newcomer to West Michigan, and a PR student.

Consider nominating a colleague, client, mentor, intern or news media professional who embodies leadership, innovation, creativity, dedication and superb application of the profession.

Click here to complete a nomination form by April 8.

Full description of personal awards:

Public Relations PRofessional of the Year
PRofessional of the Year Award honors the WMPRSA member who represented the best in public relations in 2012. As you prepare your PRoof Award entry and identify its strengths, consider nominating the WMPRSA member whose contributions to the program—or to the profession—stand out as outstanding example of the relationship between an organization and the publics it represents.

Communicator of the Year
WMPRSA recognizes a community leader for outstanding contributions to West Michigan and who also exemplifies the practice of good public relations. This award is distinct from all other awards because it is given to a person who is NOT a PRSA member or PR professional, but has shown him- or herself to be an accomplished communicator, has communicated well during a crisis, or was an exemplary spokesperson for their organization. Please indicate the context of the nominee’s most significant contribution in your nomination.

Media Person of the Year
This award is given to a deserving journalist for outstanding contributions to the field of journalism in the West Michigan area. As you prepare your PRoof Awards, consider the media you worked with throughout your campaign. Please illustrate the nominee’s accomplishments and most significant contributions during 2012.

Newcomer of the Year
Only new members in good standing of the West Michigan Chapter of PRSA (having joined during or after 2010) are eligible for this award. The winner must be an active public relations professional of three years or less who has demonstrated potential for becoming an outstanding public relations professional. Please support with examples of the nominee’s experience and efforts during 2012.

Public Relations Student of the Year
This award honors the individual PRSSA member who represented the best in public relations during 2012. Consider nominating the intern in your office, the student you’re mentoring or that person whose contributions to advancing the PR profession on campus stand out as exemplary.

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