Member Spotlight: Terri Howe

TerriBy Christie Bender, Ferris State University

For the last sixteen years Terri Howe has been strategically cultivating relationships for her clients at Howe Marketing Communications.

Howe followed her heart when she decided to create her own firm. She wanted to establish an environment where she could put her own client service philosophies into practice. Creating long relationships with clients who understand the value of a strategic approach is a key measurement for growing her business.

Terri said, “Success in business is predicated on success in creating relationships. It’s all about connecting the right people, at the right time, for the purpose of a beneficial outcome.”

Howe also currently serves on the board of West Michigan Public Relations Society of America (WMPRSA), and is the chair of the PR for Good committee. PR for Good helps a selected local non-profit with public relations services on a pro-bono basis during a two-year commitment. The current PR for Good client is Family Promise of Grand Rapids.

Terri attended Grand Valley State University and worked for several years at a West Michigan advertising/PR firm before starting her business in 1997. Beginning her own business allowed her to combine strategy with solid communications know-how to get excellent results.

Howe has worked in multiple facets of public relations. She advises young public relations professionals to explore different areas of public relations to find where their heart takes them.

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