Web Marketing and PR Internship Opportunity – The Cull Group

Web Marketing and PR Internship | Up to 20 hours per week

Gain real world experience assisting with web marketing, social media, SEO, content development, and public relations campaigns.

At Cull Group our focus is on creative marketing and intelligent design. We work with clients (the group part) to separate good ideas from bad (the cull part) and create ways of communicating those ideas in a dynamic and compelling manner (the marketing and design part). We’re looking for someone who can take an opportunity and run with it. Here’s the opportunity. What do you bring to the table?

The opportunity:

  • Facebook Marketing, Advertising, and Pages
  • Twitter, Youtube, and other Social Media
  • SEO and PPC Campaigns
  • Media Research
  • Use your top-notch writing skills
  • Web content management and development
  • Get your hands dirty in HTML and CSS
  • Show your take-charge personality
  • Demonstrate your organizational skills
  • Think. Independently.

Tell us what you bring to the table and how you would take advantage of the opportunity. Include your resume and three writing samples. Deliver to search@cullgroup.com.


About Derek DeVries

A communications / public relations / social media pro in West Michigan trying to get past the beta version of his life cycle.
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