Job description: Public relations specialist at Frederik Meijer Gardens

Position: Public Relations Specialist

Department: Communications

Supervisor: Public Relations Manager

Pay Type: Full Time, Salary, Exempt

Posted: May 22, 2014 Posting Expires: June 6, 2014

Job Description: Creates, edits and coordinates brand-centered messaging and images for Web content, periodic EBlasts and social media. Coordinates PR project tasks, timelines and traffic process toward 100 percent accuracy, within budget and on time. Involves working effectively with others to facilitate approvals. Must possess superior writing and proofreading skills and be able to work in a team environment and embrace our workflow process. Additionally, this role will assist the Public Relations Manager in handling publicity media relations, pitch stories, conduct media tours and organize media events and public openings. Sends digital images and print materials to media. Helps build relationships with local, regional and national media, positioning Meijer Gardens as Michigan’s premier cultural institution.

Expected Functions:

  • Serves as the voice of the organization on all social media platforms and email inquiries.
  • Helps nurture media contacts and relationships.
  • Responds to incoming media inquiries; provides requested information and/or images for publication.
  • Coordinates/conducts interviews, assists with media tours and events, promotional events, on-site radio/TV remotes, press conferences as assigned.
  • Creates content and strategies for EBlasts, social media platforms and Web site. Also manages Google AdWords account.
  • Organizes and maintains clipping files from all publicity generated. Also organizes advertising clippings and press releases into separate exhibition reports as assigned.
  • Manage media at summer concert series and be available for other media relations events (requires occasional nontraditional work hours).
  • Updates event calendars (print and online) at Meijer Gardens and on various local and regional Web sites.
  • All other duties as assigned by Public Relations Manager.

Education & Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts degree or equivalent, and two years of related experience.

Additional Knowledge: Superior social media marketing and messaging skills required. Strong command of software applications:
MS Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and project management software solutions. Also must manage wire and press release
distribution through all appropriate channels, employing proprietary software solutions if available.

Send resumes to: Director of Human Resources & Volunteers
1000 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


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