Member benefit: WMPRSA partners with NewsSpark

Editor’s note: this post was developed with NewsSpark.

We’re happy to share that we’ve secured a free member benefit by partnering with a locally made digital PR tool.

NewsSpark is “the social content hub where creators publish original content through their favorite mediums.”

And it’s made in East Grand Rapids and metro Los Angeles.

The hub is in its early private beta phase and gradually inviting in PR pros, beginning with West Michigan.

The hub will be opened to the public in the foreseeable future.

Member benefit

Any WMPRSA members, and prospective members, who sign up for NewsSpark now during the early private beta (and become active beta testers, publish Sparks — and post a brief review of or reaction to the early private beta to their favorite social channels or blogs with the hashtag #wmprsabenefit) will be given indefinitely free NewsSpark memberships for themselves and any brands they create.

You can then give indefinitely free NewsSpark memberships to your colleagues and their brands by referring them into the early private beta (my account button > invite a friend).

To sign up, use WMPRSA President-Elect Jenny Griffin’s unique referral link, leaving her username in the referrer field (jennygriffin23):

“The social content hub”

NewsSpark features original news, blogs, updates, photos, videos and audio (in development) on every topic — or Sparks — and a catalog of Content Creators, Brands and Groups, according to

Creators “plant their digital content in the open and organized hub to grow their audiences and ignite dialogues.”

Creators also use the hub as “a platform to package, consolidate and digitally share their complete range of content outside of the hub.”

Digital PR benefits

NewsSpark says that “when compared to a pre-NewsSpark baseline,” an active membership in the hub is “designed to potentially deliver multiple near- and long-term digital PR benefits to creators,” as well as “cost + staff savings on managing and sharing digital content.”

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased SEO and social search visibility
  • Increased social media audience
  • Increased social media engagement
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased inbound leads
  • Increased sales

NewsSpark says that it’s “a digital fuel for action.”

Sign up

Skim readers, see the member benefit section of this post to sign up for the hub.

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