Support the Women’s Resource Center- Art Van Charity Challenge

WMPRSA’s PR for Good client, the Women’s Resource Center, is taking part in the Art Van Charity Challenge, a fundraising campaign launched by Art Van Furniture.

The challenge runs from May 18 to June 22 and Art Van is donating $370,000 to local organizations. The charity that raises the most during the challenge will get a $75,000 donation to their cause. In addition, the charities that come in 2nd through 10th place will also get donations to their causes ranging from $7500 to $65,000. The WRC needs your help to raise as much money as possible to win the $75,000 grand prize donation. ​

How You Can Help 
The best thing you can do is set up a fundraiser. Donating is great, but if you can become a fundraiser and reach out to your entire network, the potential for raising more money increases drastically.

And, it’s super easy do, promise. Just go to and click ‘Fundraise for This Campaign.’ In seconds, you’ll have your own fundraiser that you can share with your community of family and friends to help us make an even bigger impact.

Once you start your fundraiser, make sure to update it with the story of why you’re one of our biggest fans. The more personal and compelling the story, the more likely you are to get donations. Also make sure to put pictures and even a video on your fundraising page that illustrates why our cause means so much to you. Then share your page with everyone you know and start raising money.

Not sure why you should support?  Here’s the top 10 reasons to donate $10 to the Women’s Resource Center.

1.     WRC was the first Women’s Resource Center of its kind in Michigan.

2.     WRC has been serving women since 1973.

3.     Nearly 1000 women are served each year.

4.     70% of WRC participants report an income of $15,000 or less.

5.     66% of WRC participants are single moms.

6.     592 children were supported by WRC participants in 2014.

7.     Almost 2/3 of all participants receive some form of assistance when they come to WRC.

8.     87% of all job ready participants became employed in 2014.

9.     Over 150 members or our community volunteer at WRC each year.

10.  WRC depends 100% on the community to support the services it provides.

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