Sabo PR Blog Post: Don’t Create Your Own Crisis

By Mary Ann Sabo


I’ve handled a fair number of crises in my time, but two of the most impactful started with holidays cards.

Now, these companies didn’t offend because they said Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays or used religious imagery when they should have opted for winter white.  No, these two companies got into boatloads of trouble simply by trying – and failing – to make a statement.

Their efforts cost each a few clients – as well as some sleepless nights, internal distraction and general unease.

So when we started thinking about our holiday card and present this year, both of these instances were front and center.  Kristin Lynn had come up with another of her creative brainstorms: A circus-themed basket that would include gourmet caramel corn and peanuts, cotton candy, fudge and a clown nose.  We’d round it out with a circus-labeled bottle of wine and use the tag line: When life brings you a circus, let us be your ringmaster.

Perfect.  Great tone, fun theme that showcases one of our strengths, gifts that could be shared with the office.

All that was really missing was a whip.

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